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Millions of Canadians especially those nearing retirement, have saved money through a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) per year will file a tax return and it’s estimated that 70% of these taxpayers will receive professional help with their tax preparation.
Changes by Govt. to the tax forms it complicates matters for taxpayers who look at them only once a year.

We Petar Grante Chartered Professional Accountants of Toronto can help you by simplifying the tax filing process.

We are renowned Chartered Professional Accountants of Toronto, Certified Management Accountants of Toronto.

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Peter Grante Services offered

Accounting Services

In this services Peter Grante Toronto, Canada majorly file taxes for client including non-residents and expatriates


Tax Services

Peter Grante also provides tax services mainly Includes Payroll Services, Tax Planning, Tax Preparation


Consulting Services

Business Consulting :- In this area Peter Grante will help you :- To Improves Organization’s employee recruitment, retention and productivity


Other Services

Employee Benefit Plans :- This plan to educate workers about core labor rights


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